Graceway Bible Baptist Church
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Dear Friend,
    We would like to extend an invitation to visit our church. I am certain that you will find it to your liking. We are a loving family. We hope you will enjoy our hospitality and grow to be more than just our friend but part of our family. If we can ever be of service to you or answer any question, please do not hesitate to call.
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September 25 - Family Sunday, complete with a picnic on the grounds, early evening service, bonfire, and hay ride!
September 25-28 - Meetings with Brother Bill Abbott!
October 1 - Teen Scavenger Hung
October 15 - Young Adults "Crane Cruise" and Jasper/Pulaski range
October 29 - Teen Corn Maze

See our Calendar for more events.
Someone is usually at the church Tuesday thru Friday during the day. Feel free to give us a call, 987-2534, or drop by. We're looking forward to meeting you.
American College of Pediatricians Gender Identity Article
​This is a link to the article that Pastor had included in the "Pastor's Blog" from May 29, 2016.
We would love to have your family worship God with the Graceway Family this Sunday!